All about Fried Chicken Aventura

All about Fried Chicken Aventura

All about Fried Chicken Aventura

Do you ever wonder why many people still go to fried chicken houses? Well, they have obviously something in common, and that is the recipe for fried chicken. Perhaps, you have a favorite restaurant that offers this kind of dish. If you are more interested to make an original fried chicken recipe, you must know a few things regarding it. Here are some details as well as tips about fried chicken.

Battered Chicken

The most common way of making fried chicken Burger Aventura Miami is to batter it. You get the crispiness of chicken when you batter it. It does not matter whether you batter a whole piece chicken, chopped boneless chicken, wings, strips or nuggets. You just have to choose the right flour that you can use in battering it. Some of the great choices of flours are rice flour, wheat flour, corn meal flour and graham flour. Whatever you choose, you have to add the best spices or herbs to give a succulent flavor when you fry the chicken. 

If you like to make a spicy fried chicken, use red chili powder and ginger as a few herb ingredients. If you need it to be sweet and a little bit spicy, use sugar mixed with cayenne pepper and a few drops of red chili pepper. Those are examples of how you can make a flavor of battered chicken for frying.

Breaded Chicken

Another way of frying chicken is to use breadcrumbs. There are also several choices of the kinds of breadcrumbs to use. You may select crushed crackers, breadcrumbs or plain breadcrumbs. This is much easier to use because you just grab a pack of breadcrumbs at any local grocery store. When you choose batter, you have to make a mixture of flour and spices or herbs. That can consume more time if you compare it with having breadcrumbs that you can just pour in a bowl and mix all ingredients to make a fried chicken. Anyway, breaded chicken must include eggs, salt and some herbs and spices.

Fried Chicken
This involves the process of marinating the chicken, preferably boneless, in a bowl with a mixture of soy sauce, garlic, onion, spices, either in powder or fresh herbs, and sesame oil. Soak the chicken for some time then put it in another bowl of mixed ingredients which include rice flour, water, salt, and baking powder. That can make the final coating before you fry the chicken in a pan.

These three ways are a common process of frying chicken. Whatever method you prefer or select, fried chicken must be crispy, crunchy and delicious. You want to satisfy your children, spouse and probably guests too so make sure to have a good recipe for fried chicken. It is not difficult to make fried chicken as long as you know the basics and follow the right procedure of how to prepare this kind of food.


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