Blaze Miami’s best Tex Mex BBQ

Blaze Miami’s best Tex Mex BBQ

Blaze: Miami’s best Tex Mex BBQ

Do you love Tex Mex southwest style barbeque? Are you craving a spicy burrito or an out of this world Burger and need to treat your kids to a delicious yet fulfilling meal? Blaze has just what you are looking for and you won’t have to dress up or make a reservation to enjoy a delicious Tex Mex meal with your little ones. Blaze is a casual but also hip Tex Mex BBQ in Miami and has fast service that might just surprise you. In fact the food and service are so good that you will have hard time not coming back every day. 

The food menu items consist of hotdogs and burgers, both custom made or made ready to order by original recipe in the Southwest Tex Mex tradition, also a number of Tex Mex side orders and grilled burritos are prepared in just minutes. Kids meanwhile can enjoy items from the kids menu which include, Chicken Fingers, Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs and Hamburgers which all come with an order of fries. Blaze is also fairly priced and cheaper than most places, the kosher foods served by the establishment are as good and tasty as any other Tex Mex place in Miami but cheaper than most places that make you pay extra for ambiance and tableside service that you could do without. 

Blaze is owned and operated by the owners of Fuego which is as equally popular and beloved by restaurant connoisseurs of south Florida. Blaze is located just a few minutes from Fuego in North Miami Beach and despite placing a priority on fast service and satisfying food, the restaurant is fun place to stop in for a meal. The build your own burger or hotdog option is nice and perfect for kids who sometimes can be hard to please while on the menu are eight types of burgers, six different kinds of hotdogs, salads, burritos and corn dogs. Older kids can enjoy adult menu items and parents won’t have to reach deep into their pockets to feed the youngsters and themselves. No matter which items you and the kiddos are in the mood for, you can get your food quickly and easily at Blaze and you also can order online for either pickup or delivery. Blaze has made enjoying a Tex Mex meal cheap, easy and hassle free while not sacrificing taste and quality. Blaze is the best Tex Mex choice for kids and adults dining together in the Miami area and so many customers of the place come back often. 


Blaze: Miami’s best Tex Mex BBQ, The best kosher restaurant in Miami!

BLAZE TEX-MEX BBQ, 2520 Northeast 186TH St, Miami, FL, 33180, 305-914-4644