Experience the latest kosher restaurant takeout craze in Miami! 

Experience the latest kosher restaurant takeout craze in Miami! 

Experience the latest kosher restaurant takeout craze in Miami!  

Eatblaze.com offers the most exquisite kosher food with a Tex-Mex flair, established by South Florida’s Fuego ownership.  Take-out is a fantastic fan-favorite option for foodies everywhere to enjoy their meal where they please, as opposed to the loud, hectic and overcrowded restaurant atmosphere.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to leisurely dine in style with the sumptuous dishes available at Eatblaze.com Kosher Restaurant Miami! Their BBQ is out-of-this-world delicious and their secret recipe will not fail to satisfy you and your guests, perfect for any meat lover connoisseur.  They boast eight amazing types of burgers that their repeat customers just can’t get enough of, with the option of creating your own burger from scratch.  Simply choose your favorite ingredients and add-on toppings to suit your individual tastes.

What’s on the menu?
We have already alluded to the delectable burgers and BBQ, but the delightful choices at Kosher Eatblaze.com Restaurant Miami doesn’t end there!  Have a passion for savory salads, hearty hotdogs or bold burritos?  Then this is your place for the very best in kosher Tex-Mex take-out!

Appetizers and Sides:  Scrumptious foods sure to whet your appetite before the main course or add that extra pizzazz to your meal, including fries, nachos, onion rings and wings.

Salads: A vegetarian staple to satisfy small or large appetites complete with a wide assortment of fresh ingredients ranging from; crisp lettuce, roasted corn, and garden-fresh tomatoes, as well as, your preferred salad dressing.

Burgers:  Be awe-inspired by the multitude of choices in burgers, consisting of; chicken burgers, chili, BBQ pulled brisket and double trouble.  These notoriously celebrated meaty burgers are served with your choice of side and feature a range of toppings that include; lettuce, onions and select sauces.  

Hotdogs:  Even the pickiest eater will love the dazzling diversity of hotdogs, such as; corn dogs, the Colombian, the New Yorker, and the Texan.  Choose to eat them plain or loaded with any combination of mustard, onions and pickles. As with burgers, these tasty dogs are always served with sides.

With unsurpassed quality, you have the option of constructing your own kosher burger or hotdog by picking only the ingredients you want.  Prices will change according to choices made.  Select your favorite toppings to add to your meat patty or hotdog base layer, which may include; cheese, chili, tomatoes, pickles and several other ingredients available for viewing on Eatblaze.com. 

Sauces:  So many sauces to choose from, you will have to keep coming back for more.  For instance, try the Blaze BBQ sauce, roasted garlic aioli, ketchup, regular and spicy mayo to name just a few. 
A kid-friendly menu is also available for the even littlest members of your family!


Order your next exquisitely delightful meal from Tex-Mex Kosher Food, The best kosher restaurant in Miami!

BLAZE TEX-MEX BBQ, 2520 Northeast 186TH St, Miami, FL, 33180, 305-914-4644