Fuego – Premium Aventura Miami Kosher Tex-Mex Restaurant

Fuego – Premium Aventura Miami Kosher Tex-Mex Restaurant

Fuego – Premium Aventura Miami Kosher Tex-Mex Restaurant



Finding a great BBQ place is often a very challenging task, even in the wider Miami area, which is already famous for its blend of Caribbean and US cuisine. But, as residents and many tourists already know, an abundance of the offer is not always the same as its richness or diversity. The same is especially true for those who want to find restaurants that provide them with a dedicated offer of kosher meals. Fortunately, there is an option that covers everything that was mentioned and creates a barbecue offer that is simply out of this world when it comes to both quality of service and the quality of the served dishes. The same restaurant is called Blaze and it has everything a BBQ aficionado wants to see in a restaurant. 

From the creators of Fuego, Blaze is located in Aventura and as a kosher restaurant, it provides a spectacular offer of Tex-Mex cuisine and its spectacular dishes. Here, hundreds of miles from the border between the US and Mexico, anyone who enjoys a spicy twist of the most famous dishes will most certainly have a blast. Naturally, the choice regional cuisine is not accidental – for the people who made Fuego, the Tex-Mex twists on the food of the South provides the ideal playing ground for some amazing kosher dishes. 

Fuego's offer includes a diverse salad bar, which is a great introduction to its main types of meals, mainly burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, all with a fantastic offering of sides. Of course, no Tex-Mex restaurant would be perfect without a wide range of sauces, full of the flavor and the attitude of the same fascinating region and a very dynamic choice of burritos and burrito bowls.

But, it’s the Aventura Miami Kosher KID'S MENU that makes it such an ideal spot for any family looking for a kosher meal with plenty of fantastic taste and great ingredients. The menu that is designed for the youngest visitors of Fuego covers a very solid serving of chicken fingers, hamburgers, hot dogs or corn dogs, all with fries. All of these are as healthy as they are delicious. This way, the staff of Fuego can be certain that their little guests will enjoy what they cook them up, especially when their colorful and imaginative serving approach is taken into consideration. All of this means that Aventura Miami Kosher KID'S MENU at Fuego will make any child that visits it want to come again and again.

Thanks to the overall quality of Blaze, it is clear that Aventura, Florida has a truly premium Tex-Mex restaurant.


Fuego – Premium Aventura Miami Kosher Tex-Mex Restaurant, The best kosher restaurant in Miami!

BLAZE TEX-MEX BBQ, 2520 Northeast 186TH St, Miami, FL, 33180, 305-914-4644