Kosher Burger Aventura Miami

Kosher Burger Aventura Miami

Kosher Burger Aventura Miami

Choosing Kosher foods has always been an issue to many, especially when it comes to deciding on a kosher burger. Many instances of sales of kosher burgers that are not genuine have been reported around the globe.

However, the kosher burger at Aventura in Miami has been tried and tested. The burger there in is known for its high quality, not just during the Passover when most kosher food cooks are under thorough scrutiny but on an always basis.

This comes as good news to all residents of Miami and its surroundings. Our facility which was initially a garden, has been turned to serve your burger interest best. It is now a 'hip', having all sorts of burgers that one may wish to eat in an attempt to quench their appetite .

Why The Kosher Burger Aventura Miami?

This new kid in the block has come with a blaze, just like its name suggests. It is already considered the best stopping place in case one seeks high quality burgers alongside an endless list of best quality flame grilled flavors that keep your appetite ticking. For true burger lovers, it is the place to be as the many well trained waiters and chefs are in Aventura Miami just to satisfy your burger needs.

All varieties of burger are brought to book ranging from the delicious cured, the tender smoked to the highly demanded for aged burger selections. This food experience is more than just amazing, specifically designed to keep you coming back for more. Don't blame us. It is our weakness. The one stop destination where your stomach as well as tongue's needs are met is located at 3585 NE 207th St. at Waterways Shoppes Aventura, FL 33180 Miami.

The Amazing Burger Experience 

The burger found at our premises include but not limited to the following mouth-watering types;

• Blaze burger

Made from meat patty well blended with the blaze sauce. Also included in this recipe are lettuce, tomatoes, egg omelet, pickles and caramelized onions.

• Shroom burger

It is also made from meat patty but cilantio aioli is used instead of the blaze sauce. These are perfectly complemented by the highly demanded for parve cheese to make the kosher burger outstanding. Also included are the saute mushrooms and caramelized onions.

• Double trouble

The name is derived from the fact that the meat patty used in making this burger is normally twice the quantity used in making the others. This large amount of patty is used alongside the blaze sauce, lettuce, tomato,pickles and onions to give the double trouble served at Aventura Miami its unique taste.

• Bolt

The main ingredient used is the meat patty mixed with roasted garlic mayo. Also used are lettuce, tomato onions and pickles.

• Fried chicken burger

Perfect headstart for chicken lovers. Main ingredient is the chicken breast. This is complemented by lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and spicy mayo to make the burger as tasty as possible.

With these wide variety of kosher burger, our facility at Aventura Miami is not one to miss out for your burger experience.


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