Kosher hamburgers Miami

Kosher hamburgers Miami

Kosher hamburgers Miami

Kosher hamburgers Miami, Are you a fun of burgers and in Miami? well, Kosher hamburger Miami has your back. We have a variety of well prepared and delicious burgers to choose from. Prepared by our qualified and experienced chefs, our burgers will always leave you asking for more. 

Kosher hamburger Miami makes sure you get your burger as and when you want it and delicious just the way you love it. In our restaurant we prepare various types of burgers to ensure that all our customers needs are met and that they are happy. A burger can never be delicious if the ingredients are not correct or are poorly prepared. At Kosher, we ensure that ingredients used in making hamburgers are well prepared and health standards observed and maintained.

Below is a breakdown of the various types of burgers we serve our customers and their ingredients;
>Blaze hamburger- meat patty, blaze sauce,lettuce,tomato, egg omelet, caramelized onions and pickles.
>Mushroom burger- meat patty, cilantro oil, parvenu cheese, saute mushroom and caramelized onions.
>Chili burger burger- meat patty, smokey chipolata mayo and meat chili.
>Fried chicken burger- chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and onion mayo.
>Bolt burger- meat patty, roasted garlic mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles.
>The Colombian burger- meat patty with blaze sauce, coleslaw and potato sticks.
>Santa fe burger-meat patty, roasted garlic, guacamole, fajita mix, potato sticks, onions and roasted tomato.
>Grilled chicken burger- chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and spicy mayo.

At Kosher hamburger Miami, we are always looking out for our customers. We understand that most of them operate on tight schedules in terms of time. They may not be available to drop by in our restaurant to grab a burger and much less queue when they get there. We have put up convenient means to ensure that you get your burger as and when you want it.

At Kosher we do home and office deliveries. This has been made possible by our dedicated service team that works around the clock and goes out of their way to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved.

To ensure that you do not queue at the restaurant waiting for a burger, we have a pick up service. This is where you place an order and when you get to the restaurant it is ready for collection. This saves our customers time.

At Kosher hamburger Miami, we value our customers and their opinion. I am certain you love our burgers and next time you drop by for some bring a friend. Let them enjoy the delicious burgers too.

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