Kosher Restaurant Aventura

Kosher Restaurant Aventura

Kosher Restaurant Aventura

The choice of traditional dishes of top quality origin blended with the best ingredients is the service offered at Kosher Restaurant Aventura. Our dishes are appreciated by many and are at affordable costs. Kids have not been left out and the food is completely hygienic, fit for consumption. The dishes are set up using oils that are easily absorbed by the body.

Kosher restaurant provides a tranquil environment for family, friends or associates to interact and have good time. Our customer service is superb and our attendants are ready to serve you.

· Kosher Hotdog Miami

We serve diverse hotdogs ranging from the Colombian, the Mexican, the Texan and corn dogs topped with either mustard, onions or pickles. These Kosher hotdogs differ in form, size and taste however, they are exquisitely prepared.

· Kosher Hamburger Miami

The kosher hamburger Miami is extremely sumptuous, spiced up with add-ons which include lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions and eggs.

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Kosher Restaurant Aventura, 2520 NORTHEAST 186TH STREET, MIAMI, FL, 33180, USA - (305) 914-4644