Blaze Text Mex BBQ

Blaze Text Mex BBQ textmex kosher restaurant miami is a new takeout restaurant that has been opened by the owners of South Florida’s Fuego and they opened the takeout in the original place of the blaze tex mex bbq. Many people have their reasons why they would rather order in than go have their meals in a restaurant. In most restaurants, the ambiance is not accommodating for many as it could be noisy and lack privacy, they could probably offer poor services or the restaurant could be dirty and stuffy making it an uncomfortable scene.

If you are the person I am referring to, then you should order at kosher restaurant miami as the restaurant offers a variety of meal which are delicious. Their bbq is well prepared and they make it in a very special way and it is the best menu for those that are true carnivores. What many people love about this place is their variety of burgers, they have eight different types of burgers. They have the build your own burger where one gets to make their own burgers.

What they offer

The menu of kosher restaurant miami is famous for its hotdogs, burgers, burritos and even salads. The meals offered at kosher texmex miami restaurant are:

Appetizers and side dishes - this includes the biting’s that one can have prior to the main dish. Many order chicken wings, fries, nachos or onion rings.

Salads - for those that are vegetarians order some salad that comes as either small or large with lettuce, tomatoes, roasted corn and your own choice of dressing as the ingredients.

Burgers - the types of burgers that they sell are chili burgers, chicken burgers, double trouble and bbq pullet brisket. These burgers have meat, onions, some sauce and lettuce and always come with side dishes; fries, rice or salad.

Hotdogs - the types of hotdogs they sell are the Mexican, the Colombian, corn dogs, the Texan or the New Yorker and most of them are just sausages with toppings of either onions, pickles, mustard. They also come with their own side dishes like the burgers.

Build up best kosher burger and kosher hot dog - for the build your burger or hotdog one orders the ingredients that they would want delivered to them as they all cost differently. Some of the ingredients are cheese, tomatoes, meat patty for the burger and a base hot dog for the hot dog, pickles, chilis and other ingredients you can check in their website.

Sauces - some of the sauces that one can order are ketchup, blaze bbq sauce, mayo, spicy mayo, roasted garlic aioli among others.

They also have a choice for kids.

Try our delicious TexMex Kosher Food, The Best kosher Restaurant in Miami
BLAZE TEX-MEX BBQ, 2520 Northeast 186TH St, Miami, FL, 33180, 305-914-4644